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A good Feng Shui garden is a combination of science and art. The placement of various elements in your garden can increase or decrease the flow of energy, and this energy has an impact on the chi (or life force) that enters your house.

Your garden represents the health and vitality of the people living in the house: if the garden is unwell, the family may have health problems, too. Where you create an abundance of positive energy, the family will prosper.

Everyone starts to build a house with a plan, but ironically, few people consider planning a garden, even though the garden is an extension of the house. Even most modern landscape designers do not take advantage of the flow of energy present in any garden, and this can make their creations look lifeless and unnatural -- either too active or too passive.

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A good Feng Shui garden is in harmony with nature, and it is created to fulfill a chosen function. The basic Feng Shui principles can be applied in all cultures and every type of garden, whether creating a romantic garden, family garden, flower/vegetable garden, water garden (with a pond, fountain or stream), or a Chinese, French or English garden.

These guidelines can be used with all sizes of gardens, from a small balcony garden to an estate garden, from a home garden to a park.

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- The family member trigrams correspond with specific parts of the garden; in Feng Shui we can help to increase harmony and vitality for a specific member of the family.

- Plants have emotions, rocks have different characters, the energy they radiate will shape the chi of a garden.

- Various plants have different behaviours: some plants avoid geopathic stress, others benefit from it.

- Dry water in form of a zen garden, or wet water using a pond or fountain can highly increase the positive chi flow in a garden. Different formulas are used to calculate the most beneficial placement as well as the direction of the waterflow. If this is done correctly, it will help to attract wealth for the entire household.

- Locating and activating the heart of the garden will give the impression that trees, plants and flowers are communicating with each other. It is also recommended to activate the yang point of the garden and keep the yin point passive.

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